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The VRLC In the News

Trial Date Set in Lawsuit against Betsy DeVos, Dept. of Education over
New Federal Rules Meant to Silence Student Reports of Sexual Assault, Harassment

8/7/20: WCVB Boston
Sex Offender Charged with Rape, Bailed Out of Jail, Facing New Rape Charges

Black Lives Matter

VRLC Statement on the Final Title IX Rule

2/28/20: Los Angeles Times
Harvey Weinstein Conviction Could Pave the Way for More Sexual Assault Prosecutions

2/19/20: PA Supreme Court Ruling
Victory: Defendant Did Not Have the Right to Personally Cross-Examination Minor Rape Victim at Trial

2/11/20: Los Angeles Times
Harvey Weinstein Defense Flips the Script: Accusers Are Opportunists, Not Victims

2/4/20: Los Angeles Times
For Survivors of Sexual Assault, Kobe Bryant’s Legacy Is Complicated

1/8/20: Los Angeles Times
So Many Allegations of Rape Against Weinstein and Others, So Few Charges

11/25/19: Bustle 
How Jury Duty Can Re-Traumatize Survivors & What To Know

7/26/19: PRESS RELEASE: Issued by Democracy Forward
Groups Detail “Chilling Effects” of Secretary DeVos’s Unlawful Rollback of Title IX Survivor Protections

7/10/19: The Boston Globe
Harvard Suspends Star Economist Roland Fryer Following Sexual Harassment Complaints

7/9/19: Time
How the #MeToo Movement Helped Make New Charges Against Jeffrey Epstein Possible

5/4/19: The Rainbow Times
Visionary Voice Award Recipient advocates for LGBTQ and Immigrant Survivors

4/19/19: Mother Jones
Should Rape Victims Have to Spend Time in Jail for Not Testifying?

1/31/19: VRLC Action Alert
The VRLC's Public Comment with the Department of Education

11/19/18: WBUR
Debate Over Betsy DeVos' Proposed Rules for Sexual Assault and Harassment on Campus

11/16/18: The Chronicle of Higher Education
What You Need to Know About the Proposed Title IX Regulations

Proposed Title IX Regulations Will Silence Student Sexual Assault Survivors

10/1/18: The Boston Globe
Kristen Gibbons Feden, Cosby Prosecutor, Receives Victim Rights Law Center Award in Boston

9/28/18: People
Bill Cosby’s Accuser Told Prosecutor ‘It’s My Civic Duty’ to Pursue Sex Assault Charges

9/25/2018: PRESS RELEASE
Bill Cosby's Prosecutor Kristen Gibbons Feden to Receive Victim Rights Law Center's Annual Leadership Award Two Days After Cosby Sentencing

We Stand With Survivors

9/21/2018: Time
President Trump’s Tweets Show Why Most Sex Assault Victims Never File Police Reports, Advocates Say

7/11/18: Courier Journal
Experts: University of Kentucky's Sexual Assault Policy May Be Illegal

6/27/2018: PRESS RELEASE
Legal and Advocacy Groups Demand Betsy DeVos Withdraw False Claims About Sexual Assault Cases

2/1/2018: The Boston Globe
Say Goodbye to Steve Wynn, and Put Our Money Where Our MeToo Is

1/25/2018: The New York Times
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is Sued Over Sexual Assault Guidance

1/25/2018: Boston Business Journal
#MeToo's Darkest Side: Dialogue About Workplace Sexual Harassment Overlooks Threat of Physical Assault or Rape

1/25/2018: CNN
Civil Rights Groups Sue Betsy DeVos Over Sexual Assault Policy

1/25/2018: The Washington Post
Lawsuit Challenges Trump's Rollback of Guidance on Campus Sexual Violence

Victim Rights Law Center, along with SurvJustice and Equal Rights Advocates, Sues Betsy DeVos and Trump Administration For Discriminating Against Student Survivors of Sexual Violence

1/18/2018: Rewire
Losing Your Job for Sexual Harassment Is Not a Violation of Due Process

12/5/2017: Buzzfeed
As More College Students Say "Me Too," Accused Men Are Suing for Defamation

11/30/2017: WFPL News Louisville
After Facebook Outrage, Owner Of Haymarket Whiskey Bar Sues Over Rape Allegations

11/20/2017: NPR
Social Media Posts May Complicate Prosecution of Sexual Assault

11/16/2017: The Daily Free Press
State House Proves to be Home to Culture of Sexual Misconduct

11/11/2017: The Daily Dot
The Importance of Defining Sexual Harassment and the Uncomfortable Grays We Call 'Not That Bad'

11/8/2017: The Boston Globe
Heather Unruh Says Kevin Spacey Sexually Assaulted Her Son

10/6/2017: New England In-House
Revisiting Title IX Process Could Benefit All, Lawyers Say

10/24/2017: Rewire
How Betsy DeVos's Title IX Actions Will Hurt Students with Disabilities

10/10/2017: Jezebel
The Jury in the Comments Section

9/14/2017: WBUR
Reexamining Sexual Assault Policies on Campus

9/13/2017: The Harvard Crimson
2014 Title IX Complaint Against Harvard Cited Final Clubs

9/12/2017: WBUR
'I Was Afraid Of Him And Of Immigration': Domestic Violence Survivors Take Chance Applying For Special Visa

9/7/2017: ThinkProgress
Betsy DeVos Just Issued "A Blunt Attack on Survivors of Sexual Assault," Says Advocates

9/7/2017: The Boston Globe
Defending the Accused, Law Firms Specialize in Campus Sexual Assault

7/20/2017: ThinkProgress
Students Say Christian College Turned a Blind Eye to Serial Rapists

5/22/2017: NECN
Deportation Fears Keep Victims from Reporting Crimes

5/4/2017: The Huffington Post
Trump Administration Hires Official Accused of Sexually Assaulting Students

4/21/2017: Bustle
Why Forcing Women to Testify Against Their Assailants Enforces Victim Blaming

4/16/2017: Worcester Telegram
Campus Rape Victim Avocates Worry Enforcement Will Ease Under Trump

3/31/2017: Lansing State Journal
MSU Official Reduced Punishment in 12 Title IX Cases

3/19/2017: Slate
Under Trump, Undocumented Immigrants Who Suffer Abuse May Face an Impossible Choice: Silence or Deportation

3/5/2017: Cape Cod Times
Advocates: Sexual Assaults Underreported in Schools

10/31/2016: Mother Jones
Courts Are Jailing Victims of Sexual Assault

10/13/2016: The Chronicle of Higher Education
What a Landmark Finding in a Title IX Case Means for Colleges Wrestling With Sex Assault

9/28/2016: The Boston Globe
BU Professor Meant "Intimacy" with Students, Not Harm, Lawyer Says

9/19/2016: Slate
My School Punished Me.

9/2/2016: The Daily Camera
'Healthy Outrage' Fuels Attorney Suing CU, Other Schools on Behalf of Men Accused of Sexual Assault

8/27/2016: The Concord Monitor
St. Paul’s School Contests Continued Anonymity of Sexual Assault Victim in Federal Civil Suit

8/26/2016: Reuters
Dedicated New York State Police Unit to Tackle Campus Sex Assault

8/16/2016: The Boston Globe
Prep School Denies It Wants Sex Assault Victim’s Name Made Public

8/4/2016: Vice
USA Gymnastics Accused of Massive Sexual Abuse Cover Up