Trainings for Educators

Resources Available*

GUIDE: Where to Start: First Steps Toward Implementation of the Title IX Rule for K-12 Districts
GUIDE: Privacy on Campus - A Workbook for Advocates
GUIDE: A Guide to Safety Planning with Victims of Campus Sexual Violence

*Please note: We anticipate all of the VRLC’s resources related to student sexual assault victims will need to be revised upon release of the Department of Education’s Title IX regulations. Because the regulations are only proposed at this point, our resources do not reflect any potential changes.

Examples of Trainings Offered by the VRLC

In the U.S., more than half of all reported sexual assaults occur against persons aged 12–24, with adolescents aged 12–17 accounting for one in five of all sexual assault reports. Middle school, high school, and college-age victims of sexual assault often do not report to law enforcement, but rather turn to their schools (due to familiarity and trust) for accommodations or to participate in their disciplinary processes. With the publication of the Office for Civil Rights April 2011 Dear Colleague Letter clarifying schools’ obligations under Title IX, campus response to victims of sexual assault has been a topic of unprecedented scrutiny.

At the VRLC, our staff attorneys represent victims of sexual assault in a wide variety of education law cases in Massachusetts and Oregon. We help victims navigate the conduct process – requesting accommodations, reviewing and explaining school policies, preparing for hearings, working with school administrators and if necessary filing U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights complaints – in an effort to help sexual assault victims return to the trajectory they were on preassault.

As an insider to the process, VRLC attorneys have consistently seen where schools get it right, and where they often get it wrong. Based on this rare firsthand experience, theVRLC provides consultations and trainings with state and national agencies, colleges and universities and other legal service providers around the country to improve their response to sexual violence.

Other Education Services

  • Sexual Assault Policy and Process Assessments
  • Faculty/staff/student trainings on Title IX obligations
  • Intersections of Title IX and Campus Law Enforcement

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