Resources for Professionals

As the first law center in the nation dedicated solely to the civil legal needs of sexual assault survivors, the Victim Rights Law Center is committed to producing effective products to help other professionals meet the needs of survivors in their community. We hope you find these materials helpful. If you have any questions or are looking for additional materials, please feel free to contact us.

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Poster describing how only two percent of rapists go to jail

General Document Resources

Recordkeeping: Guidance for Rape Crisis Centers

Mandatory Reporting
Mandatory Reporting of Non-Accidental Injuries: A State-by-State Guide
Privacy Chart: A Mandatory Reporting Tool

Coordinated Community Response (CCR) Toolkit
Developing Program Policy on Staff Use of Personal and Remote Devices
Eliminating Bars as Barriers: a Tip Sheet for Delivering Confidential Victim Services to Confined Survivors
Jurisdiction-Specific Guides: Privacy Laws Impacting Survivors (available in English and Spanish)
Survivor Privacy in Rural Areas - Tip Sheet

Privilege and Communication
Privilege and Communication Between Professionals: A State-by-State Guide

Safety Planning
Safety Planning with Adult Survivors: A Guide for Advocates and Attorneys
Safety Planning with Survivors of Non-Intimate Partner Sexual Assault

Resources for Specific Populations

K-12 Student Sexual Assault Survivors
K-12 Student Survivor Resource Bank
"How Do I Talk About the Violence I Experienced?" A Guide for K-12 Students and their Caretakers

Campus Sexual Assault Survivors
Where to Start: A Guide to Safety Planning with Victims of Campus Sexual Violence*

*Please note: We anticipate all of the VRLC’s resources related to student sexual assault victims will need to be revised upon release of the Department of Education’s Title IX regulations. Because the regulations are only proposed at this point, our resources do not reflect any potential changes.

Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse: What is Mandatory Reporting?
Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse: Exploring the Benefits and Harms
Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse: What Advocates Need to Know
Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse: Tips for Working with Older Victims
Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse: Developing an Agency Policy
Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse: Mandatory Reporting Flow Chart

Sexual Violence Against Farmworkers: A Guidebook for Criminal Justice Professionals
Sexual Violence Against Farmworkers: A Guidebook for Legal Providers
Sexual Violence Against Farmworkers: A Guidebook for Social Service Providers
Cosechando mis Derechos: Fotonovela of Farmworkers' Legal Rights

Individuals Experiencing Homelessness
Staying Safer on the Streets: A Safety Planning Discussion Tool for Sexual Violence Survivors Experiencing Homelessness
Surviving Sexual Violence on the Streets: A Know-Your-Rights Video for Homeless Women
Awareness Poster for Victims Experiencing Homelessness

Male Survivors
Male Victim Awareness Poster

Location-Specific Resources

Issue Spotting and Needs Assessment: An Oregon-Specific Guide to Conducting Sexual Assault Intakes
Safety Planning with Adult Sexual Assault Survivors: An Oregon-Specific Guide for Advocates and Attorneys