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Welcome to the Victim Rights Law Center's Training & Technical Assistance Program!

As your legal technical assistance provider, the Victim Rights Law Center is leading a new response to sexual violence. Please see the descriptions below to learn about our Technical Assistance programs.

Sexual Assault Justice Education Project (SAJE)

The VRLC’s Sexual Assault Justice Education Project (SAJE) offers training, mentoring, individual and program case consultation, and many other legal resources to OVW Legal Assistance for Victims (LAV) grantees. The VRLC provides legal, logistical, and practical support to help expand and enhance LAV grantees’ capacity to identify and respond to sexual assault survivors’ legal needs in the privacy, safety, education, immigration, employment, housing, financial, and criminal justice arenas. 

VRLC’s SAJE trainings provide a foundation for engaging in civil legal advocacy on behalf of sexual violence survivors. Through in-person and web-based trainings, the VRLC Technical Assistance and Training team helps attorneys and advocates deepen their understanding of non-intimate partner sexual assault, develop the skills necessary to conduct comprehensive, survivor-centered legal intakes, and craft creative legal solutions on survivors’ behalf. SAJE attorneys also provide individualized support and guidance to agencies developing or expanding LAV-funded projects, including individual case consultation, access to tools and resources, sample templates for intake and safety planning, tip sheets, sample pleadings, and other materials designed to help service providers meet the needs of rape and sexual assault survivors.

To contact our Sexual Assault Justice Education Project team, send us an e-mail.

Privacy Rights Project

VRLC’s Privacy Rights Project provides OVW grantees with free access to tools, resources, expert technical assistance (TA), and training on how to identify and protect sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking survivors’ privacy rights. The project helps ensure that victims make informed decisions about release of their private, privileged, or confidential information.

The training and TA on confidentiality and victim privacy includes VAWA compliance, mandatory reporting, privilege and waiver, guardianships, and the specific privacy challenges faced by rural programs, minors, elders, LGBTQIA survivors, and immigrants, among others. Tools and resources provided under this grant include updated jurisdiction-specific privacy cards; a minors’ privacy toolkit; and population-specific tip sheets.

The Privacy Rights Project’s target audience is multidisciplinary and includes lawyers, advocates, health care providers, law enforcement, education institutions, and other rural grantees and organizations serving survivors.

To contact our Privacy Rights Project team, send us an e-mail

Campus and Minors Privacy Rights Project (CAMPP)

VRLC’s Campus and Minors Privacy Project provides OVW grantees with free access to tools, resources, expert technical assistance (TA), and training on how to protect the privacy and confidentiality of minor and campus survivors of gender-based violence.

The training and TA offered under this project includes helping victim services providers to identity, advance, and protect minors’ and campus survivors’ privacy rights; acting as a resource to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANEs) who serve campus survivors; and developing and distributing resources to be used by monolingual or LEP Spanish-speaking privileged advocates. Tools and resources provided under this grant include individual cards with minors’ jurisdiction-specific privacy rights for every state and populated U.S. territory; a campus survivors’ confidentiality toolkit; an expanded minors’ confidentiality toolkit; tip sheets; resources to advance privacy for Spanish-speaking, LEP minors and campus survivors; and translation of other key privacy resources.

The Campus and Minors Privacy Project’s target audience includes campus advocates and other school staff; community-based advocates; LAV-funded lawyers; state, tribal, and territorial SA, DV, and dual coalitions and their member programs; campus-based law enforcement; college staff; faith leaders; prosecutors; law enforcement; and school and community-based SANEs.

To contact our Privacy Rights Project team, send us an e-mail

Campus Gender-Based Violence Conduct Project

The Campus Gender-Based Violence Conduct Project provides training and technical assistance to student conduct administrators on trauma-informed strategies to address sexual assault, domestic/dating violence, and stalking.  Through in-person trainings, campus site visits, webinars, and individual consultations, VRLC attorneys support administrators in their efforts to strengthen policy and develop protocols that are culturally inclusive, fundamentally fair, and contemplate the dynamics of gender-based violence.

This project focuses on three main areas: (1) the development of an inclusive and comprehensive campus sexual misconduct policy, (2) implementation of trauma-informed response protocols for all first responders on campus, and (3) fundamentally fair investigation and adjudication processes.  Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) campus grantees receive sample resources, case studies, and exercises that they can utilize to assess and improve their own institution’s systems.  The project encourages administrators to look beyond legal compliance and instead focus on fostering an environment that is conducive to reporting incidents of sexual assault for people of all identities. 

Recipients of the OVW campus grant should contact their designated technical assistance point of contact with questions.  

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