Be the Light Donation Levels

Fund-A-Cause Levels

$50 = Legal Advice for One Survivor

Guide a survivor through the criminal justice process and hold perpetrators accountable. The criminal justice system is always overwhelming for sexual assault victims, even more so during a pandemic and with courts physically closed. Your donation provides a survivor with legal advice. 

$100 = Train Three Pro Bono Attorneys

As quarantine restrictions lift, we anticipate a surge of sexual assault survivors to come forward, all immediately in need of legal assistance. Your donation provides training for three pro bono attorneys to assist survivors. 

$250 = Safety Plans for Two Survivors

Safety planning with a survivor during a pandemic is complex, especially if the perpetrator is within their quarantine circle or in their community. Your donation provides customized safety planning to help survivors feel safe at home, school, work, and online. 

$500 = Protect A Survivor’s Privacy in Court

In most criminal trials, the perpetrator tries to access the sexual assault victim’s medical, mental health and education records to attack the victim’s credibility. Even during a pandemic, sexual assault victims continue to be portrayed as liars but with your help, a VRLC attorney can prevent a survivor’s privacy and character from being violated.

$1,000 = Secure Virtual Protection Orders for Two Survivors

Courts are physically closed but there is an increased need for protection orders now. Protection order hearings are being conducted by phone and video but taking twice the amount of time. Survivors are often left waiting hours on the phone for their case to be called. Your donation secures two protection orders in this ever-changing environment. 

$2,500 = Emergency Housing Support for a Survivor

Survivors often face eviction due to the actions of their abusers and at no fault of their own. As the pandemic eviction moratorium is about to expire, many survivors will need emergency housing support. With your help, a VRLC attorney can prevent one survivor and her children from becoming homeless.

$5,000 = Let A Young Survivor be A Kid Again

Representing young survivors in grades K-12 is taking three times as long. This is the most at-risk population we serve, with the highest rate of attempted suicide. These cases have become the most time intensive cases during the pandemic due to virtual communication with schools, young survivors, and parents. Your donation ensures one child sexual abuse survivor will get the lifesaving legal support they need. 

$7,500 = Keep Two Campus Sexual Assault Survivors in School

The release of new Title IX regulations during the pandemic has caused campus sexual assault survivors to navigate the most complex of cases. The VRLC has filed a lawsuit against the federal government in response to the new regulations that drastically reduce protections for student survivors. Many of our college clients have returned to their homes all over the world because of the pandemic, significantly increasing complexity of these cases as survivors must account for both new regulations and virtually fight for their rights. Your donation ensures survivors are prepared for remote campus disciplinary hearings so they can safely fight for and return to their education. 

$10,000 = Help Answer the Calls of Survivors

As quarantine restrictions lift, there will be a surge of sexual assault survivors reaching out for help all at once. Your donation will help us hire and train three temporary legal staff to answer the influx of survivor calls. This temporary team can help support up to 50 rape and sexual assault survivors with legal needs in the realms of education, immigration, housing, education, privacy, and safety.