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The VRLC Sues the U.S. Department of Education

The VRLC In the News

2/1/2018: The Boston Globe
Say Goodbye to Steve Wynn, and Put Our Money Where Our MeToo Is

1/25/2018: The New York Times
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is Sued Over Sexual Assault Guidance

1/25/2018: Boston Business Journal
#MeToo's Darkest Side: Dialogue About Workplace Sexual Harassment Overlooks Threat of Physical Assault or Rape

1/25/2018: CNN
Civil Rights Groups Sue Betsy DeVos Over Sexual Assault Policy

1/25/2018: The Washington Post
Lawsuit Challenges Trump's Rollback of Guidance on Campus Sexual Violence

1/18/2018: Rewire
Losing Your Job for Sexual Harrassment Is Not a Violation of Due Process

12/5/2017: Buzzfeed
As More College Students Say "Me Too," Accused Men Are Suing for Defamation

11/30/2017: WFPL News Louisville
After Facebook Outrage, Owner Of Haymarket Whiskey Bar Sues Over Rape Allegations

11/20/2017: NPR
Social Media Posts May Complicate Prosecution of Sexual Assault

11/16/2017: The Daily Free Press
State House Proves to be Home to Culture of Sexual Misconduct

11/11/2017: The Daily Dot
The Importance of Defining Sexual Harassment and the Uncomfortable Grays We Call 'Not That Bad'

11/8/2017: The Boston Globe
Heather Unruh Says Kevin Spacey Sexually Assaulted Her Son

10/6/2017: New England In-House
Revisiting Title IX Process Could Benefit All, Lawyers Say

10/24/2017: Rewire
How Betsy DeVos's Title IX Actions Will Hurt Students with Disabilities

10/10/2017: Jezebel
The Jury in the Comments Section

9/14/2017: WBUR
Reexamining Sexual Assault Policies on Campus

9/13/2017: The Harvard Crimson
2014 Title IX Complaint Against Harvard Cited Final Clubs

9/12/2017: WBUR
'I Was Afraid Of Him And Of Immigration': Domestic Violence Survivors Take Chance Applying For Special Visa

9/7/2017: ThinkProgress
Betsy DeVos Just Issued "A Blunt Attack on Survivors of Sexual Assault," Says Advocates

9/7/2017: The Boston Globe
Defending the Accused, Law Firms Specialize in Campus Sexual Assault

7/20/2017: ThinkProgress
Students Say Christian College Turned a Blind Eye to Serial Rapists

5/22/2017: NECN
Deportation Fears Keep Victims from Reporting Crimes

5/4/2017: The Huffington Post
Trump Administration Hires Official Accused of Sexually Assaulting Students

4/21/2017: Bustle
Why Forcing Women to Testify Against Their Assailants Enforces Victim Blaming

4/16/2017: Worcester Telegram
Campus Rape Victim Avocates Worry Enforcement Will Ease Under Trump

3/31/2017: Lansing State Journal
MSU Official Reduced Punishment in 12 Title IX Cases

3/19/2017: Slate
Under Trump, Undocumented Immigrants Who Suffer Abuse May Face an Impossible Choice: Silence or Deportation

3/5/2017: Cape Cod Times
Advocates: Sexual Assaults Underreported in Schools

10/31/2016: Mother Jones
Courts Are Jailing Victims of Sexual Assault

10/13/2016: The Chronicle of Higher Education
What a Landmark Finding in a Title IX Case Means for Colleges Wrestling With Sex Assault

9/28/2016: The Boston Globe
BU Professor Meant "Intimacy" with Students, Not Harm, Lawyer Says

9/19/2016: Slate
My School Punished Me.

9/2/2016: The Daily Camera
'Healthy Outrage' Fuels Attorney Suing CU, Other Schools on Behalf of Men Accused of Sexual Assault

8/27/2016: The Concord Monitor
St. Paul’s School Contests Continued Anonymity of Sexual Assault Victim in Federal Civil Suit

8/26/2016: Reuters
Dedicated New York State Police Unit to Tackle Campus Sex Assault

8/16/2016: The Boston Globe
Prep School Denies It Wants Sex Assault Victim’s Name Made Public

8/4/2016: Vice
USA Gymnastics Accused of Massive Sexual Abuse Cover Up