15 for 15th

15 for 15th Campaign

For 15 years, the Victim Rights Law Center has been serving victims of sexual assault and rape.

This anniversary got us thinking, what if this Sexual Assault Awareness Month we could encourage our supporters to donate $15 each to the VRLC?

Even better, what if we could encourage every supporter to get 15 friends to donate $15 each?

We invite you to take part in our 

15 for 15th Campaign

Below are some easy ways you can help us celebrate this achievement and honor all of the survivors we have served over the past 15 years.



Create a Facebook Fundraiser! It's an easy way to draw attention to a cause you care about and to engage with your friends online. The donations will be collected directly through Facebook but will benefit the VRLC 100%. Simply click here to get started!



Social Media not for you? Why not send an email to 15 of your friends, coworkers, or family members?

You can also invite your friends to sign up for our email list by including this link.


Ready-to-Post Templates

Not sure what to write? Simply copy & paste one of our sample posts and watch the donations roll in!

Looking for more ideas? E-mail us for tips and tricks to making your fundraiser stick out.